Pie in the sky, can never be something

By: Frans de Visser | Nov 10, 2020

The first time I read about cryptocurrency was my first thought: “pie in the sky, can never be something”, but you read more and more about it and I became curious anyway. I decided to buy EFL for 50 euros, because that was a Dutch cryptocurrency.

Then I saw an interview with Rijk Plasman about Gulden and started to compare Gulden to EFL, with Gulden being the clear winner. My confidence grew when I experienced that Gulden’s developers did what they promised. Eventually I sold my EFL and bought Gulden.

That’s more than 4 years ago now and I’ve only bought more since then. I am an AOW’er and I have quite a bit of capital in my Gulden wallet.

The current financial system is (according to many experts) on the verge of collapse. And in the new decentralized system Gulden will occupy a large place. I am convinced of that.