More than just money

By: Albert Eberhardt | Nov 11, 2020

My name is Albert Eberhardt, I am originally from Russia (Maili-Sai Kirgistan). I have spent many years of my life with little money. My parents moved with me to Germany and finally built a house. There I grew up and gained many different experiences.

I quickly realized that money has a certain influence on our lives. At the age of 18 I had experiences in the casino and became “addicted”, 6 years of my life I gambled money at the slot machines.

At the age of 24, I finally woke up and started making money in other ways. When I realized that I was making money by buying and selling, i.e. “trading”, I suddenly wanted to achieve more, I wanted to scale. After taking a lot of time to analyze all current asset classes, I decided not to invest in the traditional investment classes, such as commodities or real estate.

I was looking for something new and revolutionary. So I came across Bitcoin. When I made a transaction, I quickly noticed many advantages over paper money. The decentralized character impressed me the most. A world in which there is a payment system where everyone has the same rights. Just what I was looking for.

In 2017, Bitcoin’s value went to about $20,000. But in this massive movement there was a problem. The transactions could not be confirmed fast enough, which caused a transaction backlog. This in turn led to extremely high waiting times and high prices for users. Sometimes it took 3 weeks to confirm the transaction and sometimes you had to pay $50 for it.

A payment method with such problems simply cannot be money that the whole world can actively use. (Updates could of course change this view).

So I was looking for a money system that is fast and secure. That can withstand a mass rush. On my search I found the Gulden NLG.

  • Great team in the GAB (Gulden Advisory Board)
  • Only a limited number of NLG (when all are created approx. 1,6MrD)
  • Very good user friendly wallet
  • Easy to understand
  • On you can see how the nodes are distributed. All the data I needed I could find.
  • Witness (Get rewarded for confirming transactions)
  • Mining with home PC
  • Unknown project
  • Small and transparent

Dutch people are known for their ability to trade and are generally progressive and innovative. Such a team can only be a winning team.

These and other points were and are the reasons why I decided to go for Gulden after all.

This crypto-currency is in my eyes the currency that I use, want to use and can well imagine how many other people in the world will do it. Gulden offers the complete mankind an access to a decentralized monetary system. A PC is enough to participate in it. It is and remains a long term and exciting project.

At the start of my journey in crypto I made mistakes of course. Once I bought ETH and sent it to a site that claimed to be a wallet platform. Of course I never saw my 1.55 ETH again.

With FOMO I bought Gulden and Iota at the top and sold some of them at a loss. In 2018 rationality returned to me and I understood a lot. So I decided not to jump back and forth anymore, but to decide ! & stay with it ! That was the motto.

I decided to stay with Gulden and as long as nothing changes in the safety I stay with the project with full soul. With no other crypto currency I can sleep as well as with Gulden in the wallet.
Now it is 2020 and I have learned a lot. Charts, news, rumors – all these things are just distractions. To see and to participate in the Gulden community is what matters to me. The past has made me stronger. I am ready for the next challenges.

Gulden… More than just money…