I run my own bank

By: Doxoliday | Nov 8, 2020

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say I run my own bank. Not a brick-and-mortar branch bank with tellers and drivethrus, but a next generation Gulden bank. They ask “what’s a Gulden bank?” and I reply “Think bitcoin but a way easier to use, much faster, much cheaper, more secure, more stable, more eco-friendly, more sustainable version that may very well outlast most ‘cryptos’ including bitcoin.” They then ask “where can I get some?” to which I say “Right here, Right now! I’ve got my phone which is tethered to my laptop wallet which hosts my Gulden bank, try finding another crypto that has that feature. Downloading the Gulden app is simple, just carefully follow all the steps and you too can become your own bank in no time! Make sure to checkout the project, the company Slack forum and the exchange listings and you are on your way to becoming your own banker!”