I didn’t want to miss the boat

By: Olivier van der Drift | Dec 30, 2020

Before the crypto hype at the end of 2017 I had heard of bitcoin and other crypto but I never had any interest in it. I experienced it as something far away, because it was all very technical and it was still very much in the hobby atmosphere. It all wasn’t very user friendly and accessible. At that time I had already studied our money system and I already knew how unfree and manipulative it was, but I did not see crypto as a good alternative at the time due to lack of knowledge.

When the crypto hype really exploded in late 2017 and early 2018 and bitcoin climbed to unprecedented heights, crypto also got my attention. At the time I had some savings enough to buy a middle class car. After an evening delving into crypto, I decided to go for the Dutch project Gulden, but I actually knew very little about it. I didn’t have time for really deepen my crypto knowledge because not only bitcoin but also almost all altcoins kept rising fast and I didn’t want to miss the boat. I hoped to double my savings or even increase it tenfold.

An important factor in my decision to buy Gulden was the fact that I could buy Gulden with euros straight from my wallet. I didn’t feel like going through all sorts of technical trouble and so I fell for the user-friendliness and accessibility of Gulden. The momentum seemed there and so I almost blindly stepped into Gulden with half of my savings ….. just before what turned out to be the peak of the crypto hype : /.

For a few moment the price went up a bit higher but soon the merciless decline set in. At first I wasn’t worried, but as the decline continued, I started to doubt my decision. At one point I bought something extra to get to a round figure of 100,000 Gulden and then wait for the price to rise again.

I monitored the exchange rate of Gulden for a while, but still I had not yet studied gulden, the technique behind it and I was not involved in the community of Gulden owners. The witness system was introduced in July 2018, but I only heard about it at the end of 2018. After some research I decided to put all my Gulden in witness and because of the low exchange rate, I bought a lot more in the months to follow. Now I could sit back and see if my Gulden would ever become worth more.

When I started witnessing, I didn’t really understand much of it yet, but that changed as I got more and more questions during the daily monitoring of my witness yields. Eventually I decided to take a look at the Gulden slack in the hope that I would learn a bit there. From that moment on, Gulden started to become alive much more for me. Helpful Gulden enthusiasts and even lead developer Malcolm answered my countless questions and little by little the crypto veil was lifted.

I have been involved in the Gulden community for about 1.5 years now and during that period I have gained much more knowledge of the technical side of Gulden. Because of this I now know what a great project it is with a nice close-knit community and well thought-out technology. The project that I entered blindly in 2018 turned out to be an excellent fit for me now that I am no longer as blind as I was.

In the end, as owners of Gulden, we all want Gulden to increase in value so we can benefit from it financially. In that respect, at the time of writing this blog, Gulden is in a difficult phase in which the fixed value of Nocks has disappeared and the exchange rate only seems to fall in the long term. However, I still believe in the project and, fortunately, many others. I used declines to buy more Gulden so my average buying price dropped dramatically. The future will tell whether Gulden will make it or not, but it would be a loss if it wouldn’t. Not only a personal loss, but also the loss of a crypto that does things differently and is unique in terms of technology. I therefore hope that Gulden will catch on with a large audience and that the well thought-out technology will be recognized, especially with the arrival of a decentralized exchange that runs on the Gulden blockchain.

Crypto is the future and maybe there’s a leading role for Gulden.