I am a Gulden whale

By: Aat de Kwaasteniet | Oct 28, 2020

In April 2013, I first heard about Bitcoin through Alexander Klupping in “De Wereld Draait Door” (View video).

In the above video, Alexander Klupping talks about Bitcoin and I was triggered when he said that Bitcoin doesn’t need banks to be a full-fledged money system. That’s what I was looking for because I fed up with banks. In 2013, we were still struggling with the aftermath of the banking crisis and you could already see that banks and other financial institutions had not learned anything from 2008-2009 and were going back to their old ways. I also saw that my pension entitlements were being cut by 7%, there was a constant threat that more cuts would be made and that hyperinflation could occur at some point. So I was also looking for a way to give my capital more security so that it would be “stable in value”. I didn’t realise at the time that the latter also worked out differently with bitcoin, but I did find out later because of the exchange rate fluctuations.

After some research, I came to the conclusion that Bitcoin could become a worthy alternative where we would be protected from grabbing banks and fraudulent financial institutions. A Bitcoin bank where you could get a loan would be another old-fashioned rich guy who had bitcoins left over to lend out the way banks worked 100 years ago. And not some institution that just creates a debt on the balance sheet and thus creates money from thin air.

I quickly bought my first Bitcoins for just €3000, then only €150 each, and started trading a bit with them and soon found out I wasn’t a born trader and let my emotions play too much with them. I didn’t see my possessions grow but calve down. I then stopped trading and started hodling (although that term did not yet exist).

A year later, I was also convinced that Bitcoin as a currency would not get off to a good start because the starting parameters of Bitcoin were not quite right and that Bitcoin would quickly run into limits. I then went looking for an altcoin that didn’t have Bitcoin’s problems and ended up with Gulden. In 2014, there weren’t that many altcoins to choose from, not more than a few dozen. Gulden met my requirements for a fully-fledged money system more than Bitcoin. In September 2014 I bought my first Gulden, partly due to the fact that it was a Dutch initiative and I did not speak english well. You could then get your first 100 Gulden for free from a special jar via a complicated SMS verification that later turned out to be so susceptible to fraud that it just stopped.

At one point, halfway through 2015, I converted all my Bitcoins into Gulden and pumped in some Euros of my savings. And thought I was doing a good job. Gulden was then worth +/- €0.001 and so I was a Gulden Whale with several millions of Gulden in my possession 🙂.
I got involved in the Gulden community a lot, also because as a pensionado I had enough time left over to help my fellow Gulden-owners with problems through the support channels. In the land of the blind one-eyed is king and because I was almost from the very beginning at Gulden I knew a little bit more about it than most beginners and could therefore help with most wallet problems. I also started writing stories about Crypto in general and Gulden in particular, at the insistence of Rijk. In order to increase the level of knowledge of the Gulden owners about Crypto.

In January 2018 when Gulden was on top (13-01-2018 €0.40) I took out my own deposit and the rest (most of it) I could see as free money. That’s why I contributed to many marketing campaigns to promote Gulden because I felt it was my duty to do so with all those cheaply obtained Gulden. About 800,000 Gulden later I thought it was enough and after the debacle at Nocks where something really broke with me I thought I could start thinking about myself again. I converted some of my Gulden back into Bitcoin and Dash to get some spread in my crypto wallet.

Partly because my performance in the various community channels was not appreciated by everyone, I withdrew somewhat from the community. I am often too direct in my statements and opinions and many people don’t really appreciate that. That’s why I’ve been a bit low profile in Slack and Telegram channels lately. But my “love” for Gulden isn’t over yet and I really still have faith in Gulden. We just need more patience. But of course we have to find a replacement for the Nocks functions in the wallet as soon as possible.