How do I buy a bitcoin?

By: Erik de Maijer | Dec 29, 2020

Now more than 3 years ago I got in touch with Gulden by coincidence.
It started with a question from me to my son who studied technical computer science: “How do I buy a bitcoin? The answer was: “Find out what blockchain is and start researching it”.

When I came across Gulden during my research on the internet I had the idea that I had found something unique. A coin I could mine myself, that was Dutch and affordable. I did more research and discovered Nocks, Slack and Guldenbites. What followed was a lot of research and buying Gulden step by step. Slack and the contact with the founders and developers gave me a lot of confidence.

The link between Nocks and the euro market really appealed to me and I introduced Gulden to my company. I purchased special mining equipment, everything to support the blockchain of Gulden and to own additional Gulden.

I told many friends and some of them actually bought Guldens and became enthusiastic. Very nice that after a slight decline, the price even rose to 40 cents. However, I had never taken into account the decline in the price.

The more I read about blockchain and about Gulden the more I became a fan. The persevering and not slowing down drive of the development team to deliver a super good and safe product reinforces my feeling that I made a good choice.

By locking a large part of my Guldens I now have a return in Gulden of 15% on the total that is in witness. As a dentist I have to take care of my own pension and then it’s nice to know that with Gulden I have my own bank in my hands.

Giving up Nocks BV and with it the euro facilities, has touched me in the confidence of the market. I am a loyal fan of Gulden and know deep down in my heart that in a few years time Gulden will be looked at differently. I also bought the Gulden in a long term vision for the future.

Because of the falling price I am still buying Guldens. As a result my average purchase price per Gulden has fallen considerably.

Anyone who starts now can get in much cheaper and I grant others that too. Certainly to discover this enthusiasm, as I experience it, and this opportunity to contribute to Gulden.

Always do Gulden.