It is a feeling

By: Robby Stofbergen | Nov 14, 2020

The connection I have with Gulden is difficult to explain. It is a feeling.

I’ve often heard in recent years that I had to buy Bitcoin and of course I did. Like many others, I was able to make a nice profit. But what I’ve always wondered, “is cryptocurrency and blockchain created just to make a lot of money with it? I believe crypto is more than that. Technique, community, problem solving (fraud!). As for my belief in this, I have always listened to my feelings: Gulden.

What the situation is now, those who have invested a lot in various other cryptocurrency, have achieved a good return. I can’t blame them and I don’t have to. Often people don’t really look at what a project is actually doing. Sometimes they don’t even know yet. Everyone is looking for quick profits and where quick profits can be found are certainly scammers. The list of “dead coins” is growing more and more every day. Empty promises that have never been kept. The founders fill their pockets and leave everyone unabashed with enormous financial damage and misery. Shameless. I could not get it over my heart and soul.

Gulden has not increased in value since my first involvement (only decreased in value). In spite of that my feeling and involvement with Gulden has not changed much. Nor has anything changed in the development team of Gulden. After all these years they still work hard every day to further develop and breathe life into the Gulden project. My expectation is that this unique blockchain project from The Netherlands will also be in the spotlight. People will be amazed what this small team, with limited financial resources, was able to do. I have enough patience and I will continue to follow Gulden closely until the spotlights are there.