A trip over a bumpy road

By: Sven Pieter | Jan 1, 2021

From Belgium I would like to share my experiences with cryptocurrency Gulden.

The transaction history of my Gulden wallet shows December 28, 2016 as the purchase date of my first Gulden. It was a nice feeling. Finally crypto user friendly and safe in house. And many more purchases have been followed.

Before I had heard about Bitcoin but didn’t really understand it. How do you buy and keep crypto safe? Speed and cost of transactions? Scams? Etc.

Besides saving and trading, I really started using Gulden. From buying online to paying friends.

In my opinion the Gulden project is a mature start-up with a lot of potential. A trip over a bumpy road. Top quality in its branch but still too little known.

The fact that the Gulden team continues to develop, and also the commitment of a strong community, gives me a lot of confidence for a ‘Gulden future’.

Do your own research, because: ‘if Bitcoin can do it, Gulden can certainly do it’.