A better smartphone

By: Jean-Luc | Nov 25, 2020

For me Gulden is all about ideology.
As humans we are programmed to use our little brain cells to be creative. This results in amazing stuff. Ever pictured the millions of transistors at nanoscale in your smartphone? It’s packed with technology.
Some bright minds had the time to engineer it. They had time to focus at what they are good at because they had a roof to live under and ordered food as they needed. In other words they had a supportive system.

The same goes for other human achievements. We have farmers using technology and scale to grow crops so efficient that other people don’t have to be hunter and gatherers anymore, freeing up time to do other things. Like teaching e.g., so we can pass information on complex nanoscale systems on to a next generation.

But humanity has to grow another supportive system. And that’s a trustless economic supportive system. Too many people are struggling with their finances or don’t have any access at all.

Next to that, people will be people. As creative as we are in designing new smartphones as creative we are with money products. And that goes from money printing by governments to banks facilitating money laundering. In all cases the working class is the one paying. It is immensely stupid that millions have to work more hours just because governments devaluate their currencies. It’s wealth sipping away. And fast! It’s like having a house and waking up the next morning looking at the clouds, because the roof went. It sucks time and life out of all of us. Energy we could have invested in better things like family and friends or indeed the next smartphone design. We need a decentralised money system, and we need it now!

Bitcoin is a good first attempt to build such a new economic system. But it has to many flaws. The idea is great though. For long I thought it to be the solution until I stumbled upon Gulden and realised that the world we live in today throws more challenges at us than Bitcoin with it limitations could solve. It is a great way to store wealth, but it’s not suited as a payment system. Period.

It seems like yesterday to me, but nearly ten years ago I tried to install a Bitcoin wallet and even went so far to try to mine it on my Mac. With no results. The wallets where poorly designed, the learning curve just to steep. Although I’m ok with computers, I just lacked the energy and skills to get it running.
What a breeze was Gulden in comparison, although a few years later, it was just a few simple clicks and the wallet was installed and running.

I know now that Gulden is packed with advanced technologies and stuff like mining and saving etc.., but for me as a user it’s still the same simple to work with payment system. And I think that is exactly what we need for crypto to get to global mass adoption.

Because just imagine for one second how it could be to not just transfer knowledge to a next generation but also wealth, economic stability and thus get to a world with less hunger, and better health for millions!

That’s why I feel so strong about Gulden. That’s why I invest my spare time in bringing Gulden into the spotlights it deserves. Because we deserve it. Because our children deserve it. And because I’m so damn curious what the next smartphone will look like.