Why Gulden is my favorite project

By: Robby Stofbergen | Feb 23, 2021

The added value of Gulden is to be a gateway to store value (€/$) in a user-friendly, secure and fast way.

At a time when money is printed without restriction and the money in people’s savings accounts is popping out the skirting boards, this is of tremendous value. And let it be that people can pay with it among themselves, as an alternative payment system next to the Euro.

Everyone who has Gulden is in it because they trust the project. There is just something about it. And that feeling that it is something, is what we have to work with. Because that’s what makes Gulden great, that feeling of involvement that people have. People’s involvement is also what made Bitcoin great. People believe in it, invest money and time in it, and promote it. And whether people put money in Bitcoin or in Gulden, that is a personal preference. I personally see tremendous potential in both.

Gulden has always been my personal preference, despite many setbacks and a (still) low price. But that image of a low valuation for the project is starting to change, and we holders/investors are having a positive influence on that.

People seem to forget that Gulden stands out from its peers in a few areas. Gulden is:

  • 1 of the most accessible cryptos for beginners
  • Mining and staking is very simple to get started with. And the mining+staking mechanism is one of the things that makes Gulden unique. PoW+Witness brings enormous possibilities. “Witness Sync” is one example as well as zero-confirmation transactions or voting via witness on future developments.
  • One of the fastest and most secure blockchains
  • The hashrate distribution is nowhere as good as with Gulden, since the advent of SIGMA with CPU mining. Also the most secure blockchain with CPU mining.
  • Blockchain with a huge amount of nodes. Compare that number of nodes to a project like Dogecoin, whose market cap is currently 675 times that of Gulden.
  • Direct trading in the future from the Gulden wallets, as well as multiple coins that can be stored in the software
  • A growing (core) community that will always stay and bring attention to Gulden

I’m not a “Gulden maximalist”, as you sometimes find with Bitcoin, because I’m pro-crypto and I’m always open to discussing other projects or ideas. I don’t have horseshoes on that limit my field of vision, but I do have my preferences.

However, because of the above reasons, I see tremendous potential in Gulden, which I cannot find in many other projects. Working on (the future of) Gulden makes me happy.

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Did you know

When you buy Gulden on Blockhut.com you support the development of Gulden.

Gulden exists since April 4, 2014.

Gulden is not a token, but uses in-house developed blockchain technology.

In 2018 more than 100,000 Dutch people had Gulden.